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Drone-Tek is able to repair any Enterprise DJI drone with factory parts. A free specifications report is included with every repair.


3DR / Yuneec

Drone-Tek is able to repair 3DR Solo drones and Yuneec H520 drones with factory parts. A free specifications report is included with every repair. 


Custom & Other Manufacturers

Depending on the repair required, Drone-Tek is able to repair most common issues with Commercial and Enterprise drones. We will be glad to provide a free estimate.

3DR Solo Drone Mods

Since 3DR isn't making them anymore, Drone-Tek can upgrade your 3DR drone to perform like a new drone with GPS and board upgrades to improve accuracy and stability.

DJI Drone Mods

DJI drones are great out of the box but can be even better and that's what Drone-Tek can deliver. Solution upgrades and other tweaks by our military trained drone engineer can produce amazing results. Inquire today on how we can help.

Tether Attachments

Drone-Tek can add a Tether attachment to any drone so you can enjoy the 4-7 hour flight times our solution brings to your drone flying.

Maintenance Plans

Drone-Tek offers quarterly, bi-annual, and yearly maintenance plans

The FAA recommends all registered UAS (drones) to be maintenanced every 50 hours with a manditory 12 month inspection. Depending on usage they may require maintenance sooner. Drone-Tek will assess expected usage and make a recommendation to the customer at the time of consultation.

Only certified maintenance providers or the manufacturer and their representatives may perform the inspections and maintenance required by the FAA operating limitations. Certified maintenance providers include repair stations, holders of
mechanic and repairman certificates, and persons working under the supervision of these mechanics and repairman.

UAS Insurance

Drone-Tek works with several UAS insurance agencies to offer you the best rates when you have an upset attitude

If you are interested in our tether product, commercial drone solutions, training, or want advice on what drone solution to buy, please fill out this form and we will contact you quickly for a quote.


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